The Hudson Valley Funder’s Network consists of a group of Hudson Valley Funders who came together to address nonprofit capacity needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a network, we have decided to continue to provide support for our partner nonprofits for the foreseeable future. To that end, this site provides information, resources, and support needed to build and strengthen your organization’s ability to sustain its charitable missions. We encourage all Hudson Valley nonprofits to take advantage of these valuable resources.

The Hudson Valley Funders Network recognizes and celebrates the nonprofit organizations in the Hudson Valley Region providing critical services, especially in the direst of times, as they are essential to every facet of our communities. Nonprofits have demonstrated their resilience and creativity in challenging times throughout history, often with scarce resources. To ensure essential programs and services can be preserved and sustained, organizations must have the capacity to adapt strategically in times of significant change. We hope the information on this site can help you do just that.