Advocacy and Data
Local Community Advocacy: Using Storytelling to Influence Policymakers

Storytelling can be a powerful and motivating communication tool when building relationships with elected officials, particularly at the local level.

Local Community Advocacy: Building Relationships and Influencing Policymakers

Building and maintaining strong relationships with local policymakers requires nonprofits to be a proactive resource of reliable information on community needs and trends, your programs, and the financial and organizational challenges you face.

Mission and More: the Economic Power of the Hudson Valley’s Nonprofit Sector


Andrea Reynolds – President & CEO, Dyson Foundation
Doug Sauer – New York Council of Nonprofits
Chelsea Newhouse – Report Researcher
Yvette Bairan – CEO, Astor Services

Every person in the Hudson Valley benefits in one way or another from the mission-related work and advocacy of the region’s nonprofit organizations.

Are American Rescue Plan Dollars in Your Nonprofit Wallet?

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provides an unprecedented opportunity for local nonprofits to access much-needed federal funds. The ARP funds that run through state and local governments can be confusingly complex, leaving nonprofits wondering what monies are available for whom, for what, and how they can be accessed.

Rebuilding for IMPACT

As we move towards a post-pandemic world, United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region aims to provide nonprofits with the tools necessary to be successful.

How Can Nonprofits Access ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funding?

Presented by NYCON, this webinar discussed the American Rescue Plan Act State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funding that local governments will be receiving in 2021 and how these funds can be spent.

Nonprofit Finance Webinar Series for Hudson Valley Nonprofits

This is an informative recorded series on Financial Management in a post-COVID world. Nonprofits should consider having one staff and one board member from your organization attend each session.

Financial and Audit Impacts of the Pandemic

From remote work to PPP loans to donor fatigue, the pandemic has definitely impacted the way NFPs operate. Join us for a discussion of best practices and accounting FYIs.

It’s Time for Your Nonprofit Checkup

Join Nonprofit Westchester for the launch of the Nonprofit Health Assessment. This assessment will provide your nonprofit with a tool to conduct an initial self-assessment of the organization’s overall health, foster deeper inquiry in areas that need attention, and offer helpful resources.

Zero Budget, Big Buzz: Free Ways to Increase Your Organization’s Awareness

Join Matthew Stover of Delta Creative Agency for ten innovative, cost-effective strategies to enhance your nonprofit’s visibility.

Board Development: Recruiting New Board Members

Recruiting new board members is one of the most important tasks for a nonprofit organization. It is also one of the most challenging.

Corporate Housekeeping: How to Run Your Nonprofit Board

The program covers corporate governance and nonprofit Boards and how good corporate housekeeping practices can be a means of supporting and documenting good governance and promoting engaged Boards.

Horror Tales from the Boardroom – And How to Avoid Them

Building and sustaining high-functioning nonprofit governing bodies is arduous, time-consuming work, but it can be well worth the effort.

Strong, effective, and efficient Boards can bolster an organization’s public profile, provide access to influential individuals, increase revenue, inspire confidence in stakeholders, help manage risks, and improve leaders’ performance.

Recruiting and Onboarding for Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse nonprofit board that includes people of all genders, races, ages, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, and levels of ability, will consider a variety of perspectives and ultimately make more informed decisions. But diversifying your board comes with challenges – how do you find new board members outside of your immediate circle?

Strengthing the Working Partnership of the ED and Board Chair

In this recorded workshop, Barbara Paxton, Chief Program Officer at Boardstrong, explores the critical elements of an optimal Board/CEO partnership and shares tips for strengthening your organization’s leadership connection.

Human Resources
Legal Issues with Managing a Remote Workforce

This webinar offers practical suggestions regarding policies and procedures that nonprofits should consider when some or all of their workforce is working remotely.

Resource Development
The Laws of Fundraising

Nonprofits are continually innovating new ways to fundraise and increase revenue, while the laws regulating fundraisers are catching up. In this webinar you will learn about new developments in fundraising regulation and how to stay compliant while also helping your organization grow and sustain itself financially.

Grant Funding Masterclass for Nonprofits

Responding to the need for increased capacity among nonprofit organizations to apply for and win grant awards, the Adelphi Center for Nonprofit Leadership is offering a comprehensive workshop series titled “Grant Funding Masterclass for Nonprofits:

From Applications to Outcomes” for anyone interested in gaining advanced skills in grantsmanship.

The Laws of Fundraising

Nonprofits are continually innovating new ways to fundraise and increase revenue, while the laws regulating fundraisers are catching up. In this webinar, you will learn about new developments in fundraising regulation and how to stay compliant while also helping your organization grow and sustain itself financially.

Nonprofits and the Art of the Earmark

To determine if your nonprofit wants to pursue an earmark – and how to do so – Independent Sector is sharing three webinar recordings on “Nonprofits and the art of the earmark,” available at no cost, and presented by Steve Taylor, Principal at Integer, a consulting firm focused on economic and nonprofit policy.

Strategic Restructuring
Nonprofit Alliances and Mergers: Navigating Strategic Restructuring

This workshop is for Hudson Valley nonprofits interested in learning about nonprofit alliances, mergers, and other opportunities for nonprofit strategic restructuring.

Strategic Partnerships in the COVID Era: The Nonprofit Landscape

With unprecedented challenges before and ahead, what are different methods for mission-aligned nonprofits to ensure social impact?

This session explores the factors, dimensions and impacts of our changing and uncerain nonprofit corporate landscape; what it means for those seeking restructuring solutions what the core models are, including mergers, affiliations and substantive shared services; and what state regulatory changes are needed to support our sector’s efforts in this regard.

Shielding the Mission: Cybersecurity Strategies for Non-Profit Success

This will be the first session in NYCON’s Cybersecurity Webinar Series, and will look at the latest cybersecurity threats facing nonprofits, providing practical insights and actionable steps to bolster defenses.

Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape – Protecting your Nonprofit

The “new normal” of remote and hybrid work requires attention to policies, practices, and legal matters that protect your nonprofit organization, clients, patients, members, donors, and volunteers.

Ask the Tech Impact Experts Panel

Facilitated by NYCON and supported by MVP Health Care, this special panel featured national nonprofit Tech Impact’s experts answering specific nonprofit questions related to technology issues like cyber security, digital fundraising, and donor software.

Tech Impact Webinar Series

Tech Impact offers a webinar series that includes the following topics:
Digital Fundraising – including Optimizing your Website, Email Fundraising, and Social Media Fundraising;
Making your Donor Management Systems Work Harder and Better; and