Bridges to Board Service Webinars

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Re-Imagining Nonprofit Governance in the COVID Era

The impact of COVID has been significant on the nonprofit community, and organizations have struggled to adapt and embrace how to operate and function in the era of social distancing. Organizations across NYS have taken a crash course in technology and online meetings to support their governance operations and maintain compliance. With these changes have come new opportunities, including new ideas for nonprofit boards to consider about engagement and governance. This timely workshop will explore the potential for a new vision of board governance.

Financial Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards

Almost all nonprofits have faced some level of financial upheaval as a result of COVID-19. During this difficult period, it is especially critical for nonprofit boards to conduct regular financial oversight and support management in assessing risk and refining strategy. This introductory session is intended for board members seeking to learn how to interpret their nonprofit’s financial data in order to assess sustainability and risk tolerance, and ultimately to inform decision-making. We will focus on how to read common financial statements, key metrics of financial health, as well as outlining the key financial oversight processes boards and finance committees should undertake in order to carry out their fiduciary duties.

Nonprofit Financial Planning in Response to COVID

Even for nonprofits with significant financial planning experience, the pandemic is presenting an unprecedented array of challenges. Factors such as remote program delivery, changing community demand, canceled fundraising events, and shifting priorities of key donors and funders have led many nonprofits to both a period of immediate financial risk as well as longer-term questions about the sustainability of their pre-pandemic business model. Building on the core concepts addressed in the Financial Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, this webinar is intended to provide a framework for undertaking comprehensive financial planning in a time of crisis. The session will primarily focus on financial risk assessment, differentiating short- and long-term financial planning processes, scenario planning, and the role of boards and finance committees in financial planning.

Board Recruitment in the COVID Era: Using Social Media to Create Connections and Candidates

Finding board members has always been a challenge, and with COVID-19 resulting in the elimination of in-person networking and outreach efforts, the problem has only intensified. For many nonprofits, the default has been a holding pattern on recruiting new board members, but there is a great opportunity presented now in a world forced to interact primarily online. Nonprofit organizations are seeing significant increases in social media engagement, and it is this newfound visibility and awareness that can create connections to new board candidates. This session, presented by Andrew Amrietta of NYCON and Barbara Paxton of Boardstrong, shares real-world examples from other nonprofits that have used social media to benefit their boards. In addition, the session provides a walk-through of the newly revised board matching website, BoardStrong.