Mission and More: the Economic Power of the Hudson Valley’s Nonprofit Sector


Andrea Reynolds – President & CEO, Dyson Foundation
Doug Sauer – New York Council of Nonprofits
Chelsea Newhouse – Report Researcher
Yvette Bairan – CEO, Astor Services

Every person in the Hudson Valley benefits in one way or another from the mission-related work and advocacy of the region’s nonprofit organizations. While individual nonprofits work to demonstrate their impact, the sector as a whole has a unique and timely message: nonprofits generate significant economic activity and jobs that form the bedrock of our communities.

Too often, decision-makers are not aware of the true impact of the charitable nonprofit sector, despite depending on it to deliver critical services. To help nonprofit leaders and their champions make the case for the economic impact of the nonprofit sector, the Hudson Valley Funders Network commissioned Mission and More, a report that provides regional and country-specific facts that you can use to demonstrate the scope, scale, and economic impact of the sector while making the case for increased investment in your mission.

To learn more, join the Hudson Valley Funders Network and guest speakers for an informative and interactive webinar. Speakers will provide highlights from the report, a demonstration of the county dashboards, and guidance on how you can use the report as a tool to educate and inform your audiences.