Corporate Housekeeping: How to Run Your Nonprofit Board

The program covers corporate governance and nonprofit Boards and how good corporate housekeeping practices can be a means of supporting and documenting good governance and promoting engaged Boards.


  • General overview of corporate governance
  • Overview of legal and fiduciary duties
  • Corporate governance documents
  • Implementing effective corporate governance-what an engaged board does
  • Corporate housekeeping-structure and document the governance process

Location: Webinar Recording

Price: $30

Speaker(s) name & organization: Kent E. Hansen, Esq., Pro Bono Partnership

Originally presented in November 2023. To Obtain a Copy of the Recording»

Horror Tales from the Boardroom – And How to Avoid Them

Building and sustaining high-functioning nonprofit governing bodies is arduous, time-consuming work, but it can be well worth the effort.

Strong, effective, and efficient Boards can bolster an organization’s public profile, provide access to influential individuals, increase revenue, inspire confidence in stakeholders, help manage risks, and improve leaders’ performance.

Often non-profit boards consist of people whose lived experience may be different than those they serve and may not adequately inform the business of a nonprofit. In many cases, Boards do not understand their roles, and in some cases do little more than rubber stamp decisions.

In the worst scenarios, Boards may interfere in areas in which they do not belong by forcing directions, adopting policies, and overriding executive leadership based on ignorance, naiveté, or ego. And the consequences can be devastating for the organization. What can be done about it?

This webinar was facilitated by Don Crocker and discussed how to spot the “red flags” of governance mistakes and bad Board behaviors, and how to avoid and remedy these before they get out of hand.

For a copy of the presentation slides, click here.

Recruiting and Onboarding for Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse nonprofit board that includes people of all genders, races, ages, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, and levels of ability, will consider a variety of perspectives and ultimately make more informed decisions. But diversifying your board comes with challenges – how do you find new board members outside of your immediate circle? How do you ensure your board will embrace and respect a wider range of opinions and perspectives? Preparing for and embracing a diversified board requires commitment, planning, and humility.

In this session, we discuss how to help identify, attract, and retain diverse volunteers for your board. We also talk with a nonprofit leader who has successfully used our BoardStrong platform to grow and diversify the board of their organization.

This webinar was supported by the Hudson Valley Funders Network and presented by BoardStrong.


Strengthing the Working Partnership of the ED and Board Chair

In this recorded workshop, Barbara Paxton, Chief Program Officer at Boardstrong, explores the critical elements of an optimal Board/CEO partnership and shares tips for strengthening your organization’s leadership connection.